Meet our Pastor
Rev. Hyun Jung Choi

Rev. Hyun Jung Choi was born in Incheon, South Korea to faithful parents. She grew up in the same town and worked as a director of Children's Ministry in her home church until she crossed over to the States. Her first landing place was northern Virginia. then she moved to Kansas City, MO for her degree and after school was appointed to Kansas churches. 

Rev. Choi earned a BA in Christian Education from the Korean Methodist University in Seoul, South Korea and a MA in Christian Education from the Ewha Women's University in Seoul. After she came to the U. S., she studied at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, MO, earning her Master of Divinity/

Rev. Hyun Jung Choi is an ordained Elder in the Great Plains United Methodist Church. She loves being around people, sharing faith, and listening to people's stories.

She and her husband, Rev. Ilho Lim, have been married since 2009. They are the proud and happy parents of three boys: Paul, Samuel, and Joseph.

Meet Our Team

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Susan Sherwood
  • Church Administrator & Choir Director
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Steve Brown
  • Administrative Council Chairman
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Edith Waugh
  • Church Treasurer
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Jeff Howdeshell
  • Digital Content Manager
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Audrey Kallenberger
  • Director of Outreach and United Women in Faith
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Ethan Strawder
  • Audio Visual Director